3 Salads to Make This Summer

Bean_Pea_Radish_Salad_6426 Charred_Corn_Salad_6317




It's here! Summer is finally here!! That means I intend to use my oven as little as possible and utilize as much fresh produce for quick and easy meals as I can get my hands on. Salads are a great place start. Whether you're trying to decide what to make for an upcoming bbq or potluck, Kitchen Confidence is filled with fantastic salad recipes. Right now I'm planning to make my Summer Bean, Pea, and Radish Salad for a baby shower, my Charred Corn Salad with Basil Vinaigrette for a BBQ, and my Potato Salad for the Fourth of July. They're all bright and beautiful when it comes to both look and flavor.


All 3 of these delicious summer salad recipes can be found in my book, Kitchen Confidence.  Have any of you tried these recipes already? I would love to know what you think!


*An insider tip for those interested in making the Summer Bean, Pea, and Radish Salad...you can buy almost all of the ingredients for this dish at Trader Joe's in their prepared produce aisle. It makes throwing this salad together so incredibly easy! I plan to make it all summer long.


Photography by Sara Remington