Pick up a copy of this week’s People Magazine for a perfect recipe to make for the Oscars this weekend!  Honeycorn is one of my favorite treats to take to an event and share with friends. One of the best treat recipes in Kitchen Confidence in my opinion!

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I kicked off my morning at the Today Show with the dynamic duo Kathie Lee & Hoda. While I’ve been on the Today Show several times before, this was my first time visiting the 4th hour and the first time that I wasn’t behind the kitchen counter! I had a blast contributing to their “Who Knew” segment and was pleased as punch that I showed up in a dress that matched Hoda! I think I feel more comfortable with a knife or a wooden spoon in my hand than note cards, but it was so much fun to do a different type of segment for Today.


Watch the segment here and try your hand at my letter “T” trivia questions!



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I always look forward to receiving my Food Network Magazine each month, but this issue was particularly exciting to pull out of my mailbox! A few months ago I worked with the FN Mag team on this story and I think it turned out great. During the photo shoot at our apartment we strategically timed smiling behind the camera with Ollie’s nap time. I love that even though Ollie isn’t in the photo, he teeny tiny little face snuck in behind us in a few photos.


If you prefer to celebrate Valentine’s Day dinner at home (I do!), this is a great menu for two and all of the recipes come from my cookbook. With a lineup like Pan Seared Steaks with Cheesy Smashed Potatoes and a Beet, Apple & Goat Cheese Salad, you can’t go wrong. But the real standout from the group is the Mini Banana Split Icebox Cakes. I can’t get over how perfectly petite and special they feel!


Grab your copy of this month’s Food Network Magazine to get the recipes and to hear about my first disastrous Valentine’s Day dinner at home! (It involved Beef Wellington and a Souffle – what was I thinking?!)


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When it’s a hot, hazy day the last thing you want to do is turn on the stove. Here, Kelsey Nixon, host of Cooking Channel’s “Kelsey’s Essentials” shares her no-heat, no-hassle recipes for peach salad, crab tapas and chocolate peanut butter and banana icebox cake.


Click here for the full segment.

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I was thrilled when Food Network Magazine asked me to be part of their Star Kitchen feature for the May issue of the magazine. I’ve been a big fan of this feature every month and always enjoy getting a peek into other hosts/chefs kitchens. (especially Ree Drummond’s kitchen and Ina Garten’s kitchen!)

A few months ago a crew showed up at my apartment and took a few photos for the magazine. Ollie was my sidekick throughout the shoot and it was tricky playing double duty as mama and cooking show host – I remember feeling so stressed about it! I was trying to time his naps with snapping photos and he was refusing sleep! The very talented Jeanne Lurvey who does the set design on my show  was incredible and helped me pull a few things together to make my kitchen look polished. (Let’s be honest, there’s usually a big stack of mail on the desk that needs to be sorted through and an assortment of dishes and baby bottles hanging out on my countertops.)  She also helped me with the fun apple artwork on the chalkboard, which I love so so much. More than anything, I’m grateful to have captured our home kitchen for the sake of memories down the road.


Here’s a story that’s worth sharing – on the day that the magazine came out last week I received a text message from my dad that he had taken my Grandpa Jack to Walmart that morning to pick up a copy and my sweet Grandpa told the clerk that he wanted to buy every copy that they had in the store! He bought every single one and then proceeded to hand them out to friends and family. He was particularly proud of the feature because there’s a note about my Grandma Charlotte’s Dutch oven pot that was handed down to me after she passed a few month ago. It’s a piece of her that I will always have with me and I will always cherish it. To think of my Grandpa beaming with pride while flipping through the magazine makes my day. What a guy.


…more behind the scene’s posts coming this week! Today we experienced a fire on a kitchen grill and I helped make a salt and vinegar potato chip ice cream flavor. Things were exciting and interesting to say the least. More great stories and details to come!

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