I believe that food should look as good as it tastes…

I also believe that the tools you cook with should be smart, efficient and look as good as they function. Adding a pop of color to your kitchen creates an inviting, fun space to spend time with your family as you make memories for many years to come.

 I hope by sharing tips, tools, and techniques from my own kitchen with you, that I will inspire you to cook with confidence and enjoy the process. I'm thrilled to share the Kelsey Nixon Essentials line with you and hope you love this collection as much as I do. Eat well and happy cooking! 


SmartStore Hand Mixer

My ultra space saving mixer can be stored in a standard kitchen drawer and best of all the beaters snap right into the sides! No more losing beaters or having them jam your utensil drawer.

The cord easily wraps around the compact mixer making this small yet powerful kitchen tool something no kitchen should be without. Available in 4 fun colors.


Ceramic Cutlery Set

Purchasing knives can be one of the most intimidating investments for a home cook. When it comes to knives that are incredibly light and easy to use, yet perfectly balanced, ceramic knives are an excellent option. They're razor sharp and stay sharper substantially longer than steel knives. Because of this, the user experience is fantastic yielding slices so thin you can actually see through them. 


Collapsible Storage Set

These collapsible silicone storage containers are arguably my favorite products in my kitchen. Perfect for storing snacks, packing lunches, reheating leftovers and endless other possibilities. Space saving and so useful. Comes in an 8pc set as well as a 4pc set. BPA free.


Silicone Cover & Splatter Screen Set

Has sizzling grease spatter kept you out of the kitchen? Don't worry about dirtying your stovetop anymore - my silicone splatter guard has you covered. Keep your food covered too with my tight-fitting cover set. Whether boiling water on your stovetop, covering food at the table, storing in the fridge or reheating in the microwave, you'll find yourself using these nearly every day.  I love how these lids have replaced the need to always reach for finicky plastic wrap. 


Smart Storage Mixing Bowl
and Colander Set

This all-in-one 4 piece set includes a mixing bowl, colander, air tight lid/ splatter guard with a removable silicone center that can be used as a spoon rest or a trivet. It nests together perfectly making storage easy. Meets so many kitchen prep needs and once your dish has been prepared it’s easy to transport with the clear lid that snaps into place. Excellent for transporting your best salads to your favorite potluck.


Spice Mill

I've used the same mint green spice grinder on the set of my Cooking Channel show Kelsey's Essentials since the pilot episode and without fail I receive emails weekly from viewers asking where they can snag one for themselves. I've finally got an answer for them! This spice mill uses a ceramic grinding mechanism that is non corrosive and gives you the option of grinding super fine or coarse pepper, sea salt, or even your own signature spice blend.